Small Ads Deliver Big Sales Leads

Small Ads
No question that advertising’s role in the construction marketing mix is evolving to driving prospects to a registration page or microsite with offers that capture information for future marketing. Small ads can be your vehicle!

One inexpensive but extremely effective ad placement option is classified ads in trade publications that often cost hundreds, not thousands. Small ad sizes using 1 or 2-color require strong headline hooks and simple direct response vehicles like website addresses or 800 telephone numbers.

Shown above, classified ads for Vermont American, Weather Guard, Image Welding and Knaack.

If you are interested in viewing other samples of powerful advertising developed by Construction Marketing Advisors, click here.


  1. Nic Windley | UK Business Development

    I agree that direct response advertising works great for offline and also online B2B Marketing.

  2. Todd Versteeg

    I would love to see the stats on how effective these ads are? Sure classifieds ads capture your attention when they are standing alone. However, I tend to think they get lost or completely skipped over by your average reader when surrounded in a magazine next to several other classified ads trying to accomplish the same thing.

    1. Brian Reuhl

      Agree that these pages get busy. That’s why bold color and provocative headlines are key. Publishers used to research ad sizes, but no longer. But for a few hundred dollars, its worth experimenting!

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