Not Sure How to Promote Your Construction Company? Start With Safety

Not only are we in the midst of difficult times, but we also have to account for the inevitability of a major recession, and that the economy is only going to get worse before it gets better.

So, how does this affect construction companies?

The simple answer is that many people are going to revert to a money-saving mindset in an effort to stretch their resources for as long as possible. This means that all non-essentials are going to be a tough sell, which in turn, means that we’re going to have to commit more effort to convince clients to hire a construction company.

Most of that convincing is done through promotional materials and marketing strategies. Now, in order to secure a contract, it’s important to choose a solid approach, and few are ever as important as safety

Why Safety?

Whether it’s a health-related concern such as COVID-19 or protecting property from threats like the widespread riots, safety is a paramount and constant element for many these days.

Electronic Monitoring

One of the best approaches to marketing is to place an emphasis on what safety measures and equipment your company utilizes in daily work. This is beneficial to both employers and contractors, because it demonstrates that you’re a good company to work for. So, what are some things that you can use to promote an emphasis on safety?

  • Breathalyzers – These devices are used to monitor a person’s blood alcohol levels to ensure that a worker does not come to a construction site intoxicated. This is especially important considering that construction workers use high-powered tools that can become dangerous if not used properly.
  • GPS trackers – GPS trackers such as Titan GPS can be used to track construction vehicles as well as freight trucks, not just so that a fleet manager can detect if a truck has been stolen, but also so they know the location of heavy equipment to assist in scheduling projects.
  • CCTV cameras – While these aren’t usually installed on construction sites, they can function as a surveillance measure as well as a deterrent. This is especially important in order to prevent the theft of materials and to monitor personnel as they work.

By putting an emphasis on safety, clients are more likely to work with a construction company for the relative assurance that a project is going to go smoothly without incident. Projects can be delayed for a number of reasons, but the worst delays are caused by construction site accidents. Security and safety is one of the most important aspects to focus on, not just in a world crippled by a pandemic, but also in a world where the road to recovery is steep.