The Newest Rules of PR: Distribution Options


Per the prior post, the popularity and use of free publicity historically increases when the economy tanks. In the midst of this seemingly extended downturn, PR is certainly gaining priority in the construction marketing mix. At the same time, PR is changing significantly. So how can you refine your PR to realize greater results?

PART 1 of our series will examined how PR has changed, and how your PR program can change to leverage new PR opportunities. PART 2 of this series focuses on the specifics of PR distribution options.

As always, please share your comments and personal experience to bring some broader perspectives to our discussion!

PR Distribution Tips

As you might expect, there is no “silver bullet” or single solution that address all needs. Most marketing practitioners use a combination of approaches for getting news and PR releases in front of editors and influencers.

The Construction Marketing Association, and PR programs for Construction Marketing Advisors clients use a several options for news distribution. Heather Hawes, Program Manager shares her process. “First we post news on our websites and blogs. This allows for Retweeting and bookmarking. Next we distribute to our own editor (email) databases. The news announcements are also formatted to included links to these respective internet domains. Depending on how “big” the news item is, we will then distribute using both free and paid services. We still realize the majority of placements thru our own, custom editor lists.

Distribution services increase news reach and placements, particularly across the internet, and with blogs that would be hard to identify“, adds Neil M. Brown, Chairman of the Construction Marketing Association.

So which service should construction marketers use for distributing news announcements and press releases to your targets? No question, there are more options than ever. The following table list some of the top news distribution services that range from free to substantial fees for more value-added services. The table includes CMA’s ranking based on quality, costs, network scope and  Google PageRank. Note that the service name hotlinks to the respective websites.

# Name Cost Distribution Network PageRank
1 PRWeb $80 250k RSS, 30k journalists PR7
2 BusinessWire $395-$675 Nat’l/Regional Selects/200 Industry Selects PR7
3 PRNewswire $415-$715 85,000 registered journalists PR7
4 Marketwire $285-$485 300k RSS, 8k news & broadcasts PR7
5 24-7 Press Release $0-$49 60,000 editors/journalists/bloggers PR6
6 $0-$199 Vertical Industry Selects PR6
7 Cision $250-$350 300k outlets/Monitoring PR6
8 Vocus $380 250k RSS, 30k journalists/bloggers PR6
9 $0-$30 Country and Industry Selects PR5
10 $0-$29 Websites, RSS Feeds,Blogs PR5

Per above, depending on the importance of the news, you may opt for free distribution for minor releases, to the highest level of services for news that requires the broadest distribution, or specific features like financial disclosure compliance which BusinessWire and PR Newswire both support.

Our staff often uses a combination of free and paid, thus ensuring that multiple news sources will pick-up the news.

CMA ranks PRWeb highest by virtue of the combination of reasonable fees, broad distribution and high Google PageRank. Upon review, Businesswire and PR Newswire are the top-end services, and very similar. Although Businesswire pricing is more reasonable for smaller clients.

We have experienced excellent search results using and After this exercise, we are inclined to further evaluate

Following are some additional services we found but did not analyze. In the meantime, what services do you prefer and why? Please comment, Retweet and bookmark!

# Name PageRank
1 Newswire Today PR6
2 Press Release Network PR6
3 Thomas Net News PR6
4 PR Log PR6
5 PR-Inside PR6
6 ClickPress PR5
7 PR Leap PR5
8 PR Zoom PR5
9 PR5
10 Free Press Release Center PR4
11 EcommWire PR4
12 PR Free PR4

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  1. Todd Versteeg

    One of the most important things to consider when deciding on a distribution service is what one is going to give you the best SEO results. We’ve found that for releases that don’t warrant a paid distribution effort that we get great results using It also creates a great landing page for the social networking efforts.

    Our organization also used PRWeb for some of our clients press releases. PRWeb has done a nice job for us on consumer and business outlets. When it comes to reaching contractors – I believe you are better off going through the trade channels. We use Vocus to build our databases. It’s a little more expensive than many of the contact management services out there but is much more user friendly.

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