Social Strategy Engage New Hires

Social + Strategy = Fresh Ways to Find and Engage New Hires

For small to mid-size businesses the hiring process is often ongoing throughout the year. Marketers need to step in and help companies realize the value of social networking platforms to help with their constant state of recruiting. Social media can provide construction businesses with an authentic and meaningful way to reach job seekers. Today, it’s simply not enough to post…
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Video Marketing Trends

Incorporate These 4 Video Trends into Your 2019 Marketing Efforts

Video content has taken its rightful place in construction companies’ strategic marketing conversations. It provides a powerful way to communicate your brand, share your story, and build relationships through sight, sound and motion. Experts expect this year that businesses will produce an average of one video per day. This type of content continues to grow by leaps and bounds because…
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construction about pages

Create Your Best Construction “About” Page

Customers who view your “About” page spend 22.5% more than those who don’t. If they’re looking over your “About” page, it’s already a good sign, but you don’t want to lose them there. Use your “About” page to further showcase your construction business and explain to visitors why they should consider your firm over others. Here’s some tips that will…
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5 Marketing Principles for your Construction Firm

Choosing a construction firm, be it a large corporation or a private residence owner, is a very important decision. It needs time, research and careful consideration from the client’s part. Therefore, construction firms need to make all relevant information available to potential customers. They need to anticipate customer questions and needs. A well-planned marketing strategy will not only help your…
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2017 CMA Sponsor Program Announced

The Construction Marketing Association (CMA) announces it’s 2017 Sponsor Program with expanded options and sponsor benefits that allow brands that target the construction industry to reach hundreds of thousands of decision makers each year. The CMA 2017 Sponsor program offers three alternative sponsorship packages with multiple options, along with the opportunity to customize a sponsorship. Gold, Silver and Bronze Sponsorship…
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Advertising in Construction- Survey Results

To further understand the use of advertising in the construction industry, the Construction Marketing Association conducted a national survey of construction professionals. The following questions were asked: 1. Do you employ advertising in your marketing program? 2. If yes, what types of advertising do you employ? 3. What is your most effective Advertising activity? 4. What is your least effective Advertising activity?…
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CMA STAR Awards – 2011 Winners Announced

The Construction Marketing Association (CMA), sponsor of the annual CMA STAR Awards and CONSTRUCTION MARKETER OF THE YEAR Awards,  announces 2011 award winners. The STAR awards recognize excellence in 16 marketing categories and 78 sub-categories. CONSTRUCTION MARKETER OF THE YEAR recognizes top brands, companies or individuals both by region. SUPERSTAR and STAR (first place/second place respectively) are awarded for each…
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Right-Sizing Your Advertising: How to Create a Construction Advertising Machine

Originally posted by The Business Marketing Institute, by Eric Gagnon We’re hearing all kinds of news about companies pulling out of their print advertising schedules, with no end in sight. At the same time, there’s a lot of happy talk out there from people in and around the construction marketing field telling you that cutting back on print advertising is…
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5 Social Media Training Tips

The importance of social media in the construction industry continues to grow, with more and more examples of companies and brands realizing financial results. The promise of social media is improved search engine results, increased website traffic, real interaction with customers and prospects, and ultimately, measurable revenue generation. In addition, a huge opportunity exists to unleash employees, and involve staff…
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The Power of LinkedIn for Business-to-Business Marketing (Part 2 of 2)

This is part two in a two part series on the power of LinkedIn for construction marketing. The Power of LinkedIn for Construction Marketing Part 1 discussed why you should join LinkedIn, LinkedIn profiles, company pages, and provide you with a LinkedIn To-Do list. Part 2 covers LinkedIn Groups, InMails, and applications. LinkedIn gives us so many powerful features that…
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