Construction Equipment Marketing Guide

Construction Equipment Marketing Guide

Construction equipment is capital equipment, defined as an asset with an acquisition cost of greater than $5,000, but also includes assets that can cost millions of dollars. Not surprisingly, the marketing of construction equipment requires specialized approaches and techniques.

This comprehensive guide details four aspects of construction equipment purchasing, and three construction equipment marketing considerations, followed by a Construction Equipment Marketing Infographic with a 10-Step Marketing Checklist, marketing best practice details, and some relevant resources. Download the Construction Equipment Marketing Guide here.

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4 Aspects of Purchasing

  1. Multiple Decision Makers
  2. Financial Analysis
  3. Economy
  4. Extended Procurement Process

3 Marketing Nuances

  1. Reputation
  2. Small Number of Customers
  3. Engineering Roles

10-Step Marketing Checklist

  1. Analysis and Research
  2. Planning
  3. Brand Image
  4. Brand Awareness
  5. Website Improvement and SEO
  6. Event Marketing
  7. Content Marketing
  8. Channel Marketing
  9. Social Media
  10. Direct Marketing

“The Construction Equipment Marketing Guide focuses on one of the largest and most important categories in the construction industry, equipment”, states CMA Chairman Neil M. Brown.

Check out the Construction Equipment Marketing Guide here.

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