CMA STAR Awards Winners 2018

2018 CMA STAR Awards – Winners Announced

Winners of the 2018 CMA STAR Awards and CONSTRUCTION MARKETER OF THE YEAR Awards are announced by program sponsor, the Construction Marketing Association (CMA). The STAR awards recognize excellence in 16 marketing categories and 80 sub-categories. SUPERSTAR and STAR (first place/second place respectively) are awarded for each category or sub-category. CONSTRUCTION MARKETER OF THE YEAR recognizes top winning brands or…
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4 Things You Need To Do To Prepare Your Home for An Electrician

Electricity is an important part of your daily life. Most of the devices you use in your homes such as TVs, light bulbs, smart home devices, and heating systems cannot function without electricity. Whenever you recognize an electrical problem in your home, it is always important to call in a reputable and highly qualified electrician. However, electrical work can be…
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What is a Reinforcing Bar Used For?

Concrete is a popular building material that’s often preferred for its sturdiness. During construction, reinforcing bars, or reo bars, are added to offer tensile strength, allowing the concrete to bond more effectively. The term tensile strength isn’t just reserved for physics geeks – it plays a huge role in construction. It simply refers to the ability of a particular material…
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5 Tips To Help You Get A New Roof

The crown of your home is your roof. We all know how a faulty leaking damaged roof can be frustrating to live under especially during the rainy seasons. Your home’s protection and comfort start with the roof and you can’t put these two important elements on the line. If you need repairs or a complete replacement, a new roof is…
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2019 Construction Marketing Outlook Webcast and Survey

The Construction Marketing Association (CMA) announces a national webcast focused on marketing plans and priorities for 2019 in the architectural, engineering, and construction (A/E/C) industry. The free webcast for members and non-member is scheduled for Thursday, January 17, 2019 at 1 pm CST. The webcast will detail results of a national survey that identifies marketing strategies and tactical plans, including…
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Survey Results

Construction Lead Services Survey Results

The Construction Marketing Association conducted a national survey on the use of construction lead services by construction firms of all types, manufacturers, and related. To get a greater insight on the usage of Construction lead services we asked the following questions: Do you utilize construction lead services? If no, what is the main reason you do not use construction lead…
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CMA STAR Awards – EXTENDED Entry Deadline

The Construction Marketing Association is extending the original STAR Awards Final Entry Deadline an extra three weeks! The Extended Entry Deadline is November 16, 2018.  Showcase your construction marketing talent before it’s too late. A little more information about the STAR Awards: Each year, CMA recognizes effective marketing in the construction industry in 16 categories, including: advertising, content, trade shows, video,…
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Pre-Qualification of Construction Managers

Pre-Qualification of Construction Managers – An Essential Ingredient for a Successful Project

With ever-increasing costs of construction and the need to complete quality construction projects in a timely and safe manner it is critical that owners utilize professional and ethical designers and constructors on their project teams. Currently owners require that the project design teams are comprised of licensed architects and engineers. The license is an individual professional qualification that ensures that…
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How To Select A Contractor For A Project

The key to a successful project is hiring the right contractor. Whether your construction is a simple house upgrade or a commercial remodeling, a wrong contractor can frustrate your efforts and waste a lot of time, money and energy. This is why it is critical to choose the right professional contractor for your project. The following steps can be your…
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4 Steps to Hiring a Commercial Roof Repair Professional

Roofing repair entails a major investment in the form of time and money, making it all-important to contact a reputable company for quality services. Therefore, here are the four steps to hiring a commercial roof repair professional to make the whole process hassle-free. 1) Choose Only A Licensed Roofing Company It is essential to contact commercial roofing contractors who have…
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