Roofing Material

How To Choose The Right Roofing Material For Your Home

A house is built to protect the people in it. In design and construction, every corner built plays a significant role. The roof, in this case, completes the shelter as it covers and protects the whole house and people living in it. If you’re looking for roofing materials for your current or future house, then the choice of materials can…
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Kitchen Remodel

10 Do’s And Don’ts Of A Perfect Kitchen Remodel

For most people, the kitchen is the heart and the crowning glory of their home. Here is where they pour all of their creativity and money, of course, to have a perfectly-looking area where they can cook and enjoy their family time together. Nowadays, the kitchen is becoming more than a place for you to cook your favorite meal. It has…
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construction design software

How To Choose The Best Construction Design Software

Building a house or an office from scratch is not as easy as it seems. If you don’t have the right experience and professional teams, the chances of failure are higher than success.    In your business, you need the best construction software that you can get. But here is the somewhat tricky part, you’re not just choosing your software and…
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Construction Business

3 Must Haves for Any Multi Location Construction Business

Operating a single business location is extremely challenging. Operating a multi location construction business in an era in which you have to try and convert online shoppers into paying customers? That’s next-level. While the challenges may seem endless, there are several concerns that must be prioritized. In this article, we will explore how an all-encompassing website, elite shopify store locator,…
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Snow Removal Insurance

4 Things You Need To Know About Snow Removal Insurance

Having snow removal insurance is important, considering the risks and dangers of snow removal and deicing. But what exactly is this coverage all about? This article will show you the things you need to know about snow removal insurance.  1. What Is Snow Removal Insurance? Snow removal insurance can offer a wide variety of policies to protect contractors and their…
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Text Message

Your Ultimate Guide To Text Messaging for Trade Businesses

Online messengers, emails, and other Internet-based communication may be popular, but when it comes to reliability and convenience, text messaging is still king. Text messages are typically read within three minutes of being received 90% of the time so you can be fairly certain that any you send will be read by the receiver.  For tradespeople and service-based businesses, like…
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5 Challenges in Meeting Construction Deadlines and How To Solve Them

Every construction professional knows the downside to missing project deadlines. Not only does it frustrate stakeholders, but it keeps the team from getting started on the next revenue-generating project. With that said, few construction teams actually succeed in finishing their jobs on time. The following breakdown looks at 5 common challenges in meeting construction deadlines and provides some simple solutions…
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Construction Materials

11 Safety Tips When Handling And Storing Construction Materials

Material handling and storage efficiency are especially critical in the construction industry. There are many heavy-duty and temperature-sensitive materials to consider, and damage and theft concerns may arise anytime.  Any contractor may encounter several difficulties in terms of keeping such materials safe. Whether it’s lumber, bricks, glass, or chemicals, each material will require various methods of storage and handling to…
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Why Construction Firms Should Invest In Packaging Solutions

President Joe Biden’s USD$2 trillion housing and infrastructure agenda have been met with mixed reactions from the construction industry. A recent Infrastructure Intelligence commentary detailed that 55% of contractors believe that the plan would do more harm than good. Increasing costs and falling demand for new construction projects have been putting contractors on the back foot.  However, with the economy…
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5 Reasons Prototyping Is Essential In Design And Construction

Construction is one industry faced with many planning and designing before the actual structure is put in place. A plan is always drawn in blueprints to give clients and engineers insight into how the building should be. However, with advancements in technology, better designs with more details are being constructed to help guide the structure of a building.  One such…
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