popular heavy equipment

What Are The Popular Heavy Equipment Used On Most Jobs

No matter the size, any agricultural property, mining operation, or construction project needs heavy equipment. Of course, heavy equipment’s diversity in terms of applications and size can be of great help. The face of agriculture, mining, and construction have changed, thanks to heavy equipment and plant. Heavy equipment’s efficiency makes it possible for projects to be completed at a much…
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building home metal or wood

A Guide To Building a Home With Metal vs. Wood

Homebuilding is done by building a single structure, usually referred to as a “home” for a family. While it has been used throughout history in different forms, the most common forms are single-family homes, ranch-style homes, condominiums and townhouses, and recent developments like mobile homes and modular dwellings. However, this broad description does not include the types of structures that…
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types of welding helmets

The 2 Types of Welding Helmets You Need To Consider

A welding helmet is arguably the most integral piece of protective equipment a welder must use. Aside from physically covering your face from sparks, a welding helmet also protects your vision from dangerous infrared and ultraviolet rays, which are emitted when welding. When selecting the correct welding hamlet for your needs, it’s essential to secure the right one for your…
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How To Build A Business Warehouse

The proper storage of goods is crucial for any business because it offers ample production support and provides opportunities for expansion. Without proper planning before building a business warehouse, you may compromise the safety and security of your products and waste so much money in the long run. If you’re planning to build a business warehouse, then you’re at the…
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How To Properly Install Interlocking Concrete Blocks

Interlocking concrete blocks are a unique form of pre-cast concrete blocks that are designed to hold together by using pre-measured holes and depressions. They’re built with unique profiles and features, allowing them to fit perfectly into each other without the use of any mortar. Instead, the cementitious blocks simply snap together with each other, making a highly durable and sturdy…
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Not Sure How to Promote Your Construction Company? Start With Safety

Not only are we in the midst of difficult times, but we also have to account for the inevitability of a major recession, and that the economy is only going to get worse before it gets better. So, how does this affect construction companies? The simple answer is that many people are going to revert to a money-saving mindset in…
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Marketing and Accounting

Marketing and Accounting Teamwork?

In the past, the marketing and accounting functions within a company were not frequent collaborators save the annual budgeting or forecasting process. Today, thanks to technology, software and systems, marketing and accounting teamwork is not only possible, but effective.  Similar to other functional areas, digital transformation is deployed by marketing and accounting, supporting teamwork between functions that were perhaps working…
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Tips for a Success Webinar

Tips for a Successful Webinar

With COVID-19, many companies must think outside the box to keep their engagement high. There is no better time than today to start planning your next webinar. Here are 10 successful webinar tips Know you attendees Consider these three questions: Who will be attending? What challenges are they facing? What are their goals? Knowing these three questions will allow you…
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Outsourced Marketing

Outsourced Marketing vs. Staffing for Construction Companies

The decision to Outsource Marketing to a consultant or agency, or to hire staff for marketing is a frequent but critical consideration. Factors include the frequency of specific marketing activities, the availability of talent, and the financial return of either scenario. The latter taking on new urgency within a recessionary environment. This article will define Outsourced Marketing and staffing, along with…
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Construction Marketing Resolutions

3 Construction Marketing Resolutions for 2020

2020: new year, new decade. January is the time that most people make resolutions to better themselves. What about you marketing resolutions for 2020? How could you improve your construction marketing in 2020 and beyond? Marketing is now mission critical to achieve growth and success in the construction industry. Continue reading to discover the top 3 construction marketing resolutions for…
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