Your Ultimate Guide To Text Messaging for Trade Businesses

Text Message

Online messengers, emails, and other Internet-based communication may be popular, but when it comes to reliability and convenience, text messaging is still king. Text messages are typically read within three minutes of being received 90% of the time so you can be fairly certain that any you send will be read by the receiver. 

For tradespeople and service-based businesses, like landscapers, HVAC technicians, plumbers, and others, texting is probably the most effective way of communicating with customers. Using a texting software program or app that converts a phone number into a multi-channel communication platform, much like the one offered by Jobber, supports the research that suggests around 85% of consumers prefer texts to emails or even phone calls.  

How you can use text messaging for your trade business

There are other ways of contacting clients, of course, but what these stats show is that text messaging can be a very useful tool in promoting your business. It’s also an effective tool for communicating not only with customers but with employees, too. Having a text messaging service can demonstrate to your customers not only your capability but also the level of your professionalism. 

Below is your guide for why using business texting can benefit your business:

Business texting isn’t limited to phones

Firstly, business texting isn’t like personal texting where only a single device, like a smartphone, is used. Your texts show up as a normal text conversation on your client’s mobile device, but you can send texts from any mobile device or computer.    

Since the app or software is installed on a tablet, phone, or computer, you don’t have to switch devices to keep up with different conversations with different clients. You can use whichever device is the most convenient for you.

Appointment reminders

You can remind customers about appointments and inform them about your team’s visit. An advanced warning about a visit to a client is essential so that the client can prepare accordingly and be ready for your arrival, making job completion much easier in most cases. Your team can also let clients know when they’re on their way or if they’re running late to a job.

You also have the option of sending standardized messages. Members of your team can share their names with the clients and can choose the time it’ll take to get to the job. What all this means is that you and your team will be spending more time doing actual work instead of spending time coordinating and sorting out miscommunications.    

Greet new clients and opt-in confirmations

Not only greet, but you can also use the opportunity to promote loyalty programs and advise customers about special offers and discounts for repeat business once a job has been completed.

Offers for enticing repeat customers

Short text messages to update your subscriber base, such as when you have made new investments in technology and can increase your offering for example, can rekindle people’s interest in you, and remind them to come to you when they have a need for your service. 

Remember, text messages have an open rate of almost 98%, so your text message will almost certainly be read. For emails, it’s only 20%. Additionally, it takes people, on average, just 90 seconds to respond to an SMS (short message service).

Effective for communicating with employees

For a business with employees that are often out in the field, text messaging is still the most reliable form of communication. A text can always reach them. Texting is especially useful when there’s been a cancellation, and you have to inform your team immediately and divert them elsewhere. It is also effective in situations where, perhaps, one of your workers can’t make it, and you have to find a replacement quickly. 

This can also work office-wide; for example, you need to find out availability of people at short notice, call an urgent meeting or inform a colleague about a critical piece of information. Texting will always be quicker in these cases.

Authorize multiple employees

All text messages using the business texting software will appear as a single text conversation on your client’s phone. A good texting app or software ensures employees that use the app have their own username and password. Having this software installed on your phone makes it easy for technicians to respond to SMS queries and keep track of responses.This can make it easier for you and your team to collaborate and provide assistance as appropriate. 


With the proliferation of Internet-based instant messaging services and communications, SMS or text messaging is proven to be the most reliable and most effective. What’s more, mobile communications are still expanding. It’s also an effective marketing tool. Clients almost always read their text messages and reply promptly, unlike with other forms of electronic communications. 

For trade businesses that have workers out in the field, a reliable form of communication is crucial. That’s why a tool like a business texting software is not just a luxury but a necessity.