Concrete Block Making Machines and Their Classification

Blocking machines’ history The modern concrete block manufacturing industry is not the result of a gradual evolution but was abruptly driven by the invention of a machine with adjustable removable moulds capable of producing solid blocks. Solid concrete blocks were first employed in 1832 by the builder William Ranger in England, who patented his version of “Ranger’s Artificial Stone”. Several…
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EGstoltzfus Director Wins Prestigious award

News from CMA Member EGStoltzfus: Shawn Buckwalter Receives ASPE Legacy Award

At the Construction Marketing Association, we like to keep our ear to the ground for news from partners, friends, sponsors, and innovators. Today, we would like to share with you some important news from a construction leader in South Central Pennsylvania, EGStoltzfus. EGStoltzfus Director of Preconstruction Receives Founder of Standards Award from ASPE On August 1, 2017, EGStoltzfus announced that…
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creating a culture of safety

Creating a Culture of Safety

Creating a safe workplace is not simply a matter of checking off the boxes; it’s a matter of changing the corporate culture. Years ago, when I first became responsible for worker safety at my company, I realized that drastic changes needed to be made not only to our physical building and our workplace practices but also to the way staff…
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Link Building

How to Launch a Link Building Campaign for Your Construction Firm

There are a number of factors that prospective customers consider when choosing a construction firm. While word-of-mouth (WOM) and recommendations are extremely important, it can be difficult to earn that kind of traffic. To help you get there, you’ll need to take marketing into your own hands. Think – what is one of the first steps you may take when…
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Social Media Relationship

Social Media: Your Online Customer-Business Relationship

Think of social media as your customer-business relationship that exists entirely online. Like any relationship, it takes time, adaptability, dedication, and long-term thinking. Use it as an active line of communication where you can share your promotions, gain feedback, and provide overall customer service. Be personable. Treat your followers like you would a person IRL. If you sent a text…
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Construction Social Media Survey

Survey: Construction Social Media Summit

“Social media is now a primary marketing strategy for all types of brands in the AEC industry,” states Neil M. Brown. Accordingly, as part of the Construction Marketing Association’s upcoming webcast – the Construction Social Media Summit – the CMA is conducting a survey regarding construction social media marketing usage and best practices. All participants of the survey will receive…
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Safety on Site

Keeping a construction site safe, is no easy task. With many various aspects to consider, it can be difficult to know where to begin. The obvious starting point is keeping the construction workers themselves safe whilst they’re at work. As their employer, that’s your responsibility. Another element that you need to consider, is keeping the public safe. From preventing a…
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Construction Social Media Summit Webcast

Webcast: Construction Social Media Summit

A webcast regarding construction social media marketing usage and best practices is announced by the Construction Marketing Association. The Social Media Summit – Construction Webcast is scheduled for Thursday September 21, 2017 (1 pm CST), and is free to both CMA members and non-members. The webcast will feature panelist Amber Proctor, Ditch Witch Sr. Marketing Communications Manager, and Steve Roop,…
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