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Suicide Prevention

September is National Suicide Prevention Month: Will You #BeThe1To?

On-site safety is often the number one priority of construction companies, unfortunately, one of the biggest dangers is not what happens on the job, but off it. Mental health issues are abundant in every industry, but for the construction industry, they are immense. Construction is the number one industry for number of suicides and the number two industry in suicide…
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Construction Social Media Summit Survey

Construction Social Media Summit – Webcast and Survey

A webcast and survey regarding construction social media marketing usage and best practices is announced by the Construction Marketing Association. The Social Media Summit – Construction Webcast is scheduled for Thursday September 21, 2017 (1 pm CST), and is free to both CMA members and non-members. The webcast will feature panelist Amber Proctor, Ditch Witch Sr. Marketing Communications Manager, and…
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Growing Your Construction Firm

Key Considerations When Growing Your Construction Firm

The future for the construction industry is looking bright. Industry growth is expected for commercial, residential, and infrastructure specialties. It may be time to take advantage of the potential opportunities by expanding your business, but keep in mind: growth contributes to many of the reasons a construction business may fail. Growing your construction firm means growing liability, growing risks, and growing…
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Construction Marketing Association Membership

Become a Member of the Construction Marketing Association

If you’re interested in construction marketing, you’ll find no resource like the Construction Marketing Association. Our specialization in marketing for the A/E/C industry is seldom found elsewhere. Our informative blogs about all kinds of issues in the construction industry and relevant marketing advice are all free, but there are some important resources you can’t unlock unless you’re a member. These…
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Email Marketing Tips for Construction

How to Successfully Use Email Marketing to Drive Conversion

Don’t be so quick to blame email marketing for your woes. It may not be email itself, but rather, how you send email. Email open-rates may be underwhelming, but email has a ROI of 3800%, higher than any other digital form of marketing. So clearly, email can be very successful. What’s important is what you do with it. Your first…
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mobile marketing for construction

Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Mobile Marketing

Our 2017 Construction Marketing Outlook survey had some interesting findings. Of the internet marketing tasks construction professionals wanted to increase and decrease, 46% said they wanted to increase mobile marketing, the second lowest priority task. Further, 7.7% actually said they planned to decrease the task, the second highest decrease in any internet marketing task. Despite mobile marketing and mobile websites…
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blogging best practices for construction webcast

Upcoming ‘Blogging Best Practices’ Webcast

On Thursday March 16, 2017 at 1 PM CST, the Construction Marketing Association (CMA) will offer a free webcast – Blogging Best Practices – with a focus on the A/E/C industry (architectural, engineering, and construction). “Content marketing is the hottest topic in marketing, and blogging can be the engine behind content marketing,” states CMA Chairman Neil M. Brown. “The webcast will…
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Survey Results

2017 Construction Marketing Outlook Survey Results

To better understand 2017’s plans and priorities in the construction industry, the Construction Marketing Association conducted a national survey of construction professionals. The following questions were asked: 1. In 2017, will you increase or decrease overall marketing activities and budgets? 2. What traditional marketing tactics will you increase or decrease in 2017? 3. What Internet marketing tactics will you increase or…
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Five Important Environmental Considerations for Civil Engineers

The environment is gaining growing concern internationally, and civil engineers can play a part. Lagan Construction Group, an international civil engineering and construction business, offers Five Important Environmental Considerations for Civil Engineers. Buildings have a big impact on climate change Our buildings take up more than 40% of our global energy usage and contribute a third of our greenhouse gas emissions….
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